ISO9001 Quality Certified Public Accountant & Registered Tax Agent

  • Individual Tax Return $58 Flat
  • Optional Pay on Refund +$24
  • Sole Trader (Non-GST Registered) +$50 Flat
  • Rental Property +$45 Flat
  • Tax Strategy Consultation


We are Ezy Tax Online, Online Tax Agent

Online Tax Return Services

With a trusted client base across the country, Ezy Tax Online is an easy, reliable and affordable service for organizing your online tax return in Australia. Our team are highly qualified, and well versed in what it means to lodge a tax return online. Promising cheap and fast tax return and the highest standards of customer service throughout your consultation, it’s no surprise that thousands trust us for online tax return.
We promise to deliver a fast tax return, without the hassle of driving to tax agents to answer questions that could be answered over the internet. It’s far simpler with us – our system will ask a series of questions, typical of the usual face to face interview, gathering all of the information necessary to lodge your tax return.

Easy / Fast Turn Around / Trust & Quality / Expertise & Qualifie / Affordable
  • Not DIY Automated Tax Return

    This is not computerised automation service. Our tax consultants manually prepare your tax returns from the information provided. You never talk with robots

  • Friendly Online Interview

    Our optimised online Interview covers more than face-to-face service. Not just online interview, you have email conversation with us.

  • Double Accountant’s Review System

    Our accountants double review your tax return to ensure accuracy.

Ezy Tax Online Personal = All the Individual Tax Solutions

  • Individual Tax Return
  • Overdue Tax Return
  • Investment Property Tax Return
  • Sole Trader Tax Return
  • 457 Visa, Student Visa Tax Return
  • Overseas Resident Tax Return
  • Foreign Income Tax
  • Investors’ Tax
  • Capital Gain Tax
  • Tax Planning

All the Occupations

  1. Trades Workers
  2. Teachers
  3. Retail Clerks
  4. Nurses
  5. Hospitality Employees
  6. Police Officers
  7. Sales Representatives
  8. IT People
  9. Builders
  10. Cleaners
  11. Mechanics
  12. Health Professionals
  13. Defence Forces
  14. Real Estate Employees
  15. Air Line Employees
  16. Factory Workers
  17. Lawyers
  18. Hair & Beauty Employees
  19. Engineers
  20. Bank & Financial Industry Employees
  21. Mining Employees
  22. Security Guards

Steps !


Individual Tax Return

Optional Pay from Refund +$24

  • All Years Up to 2017 Financial Year
  • Unlimited Number of Income
    (Except for Rental Property Income, Sales and ABN Income)
  • Unlimited Number of Deductions
  • Unlimited Number of Share Sales
  • Unlimited Number of Investment Income
  • Unlimited Number of Centrelink Payment
  • Unlimited Number of Tax Offset

Sole Trader(Non GST Registered)


Rental, Investment Property

  • Rental Property Sales
  • $60 per Property

Over 5000 clients love Ezy Tax Online

We would like to thank you once again for your most efficient work with our tax.
We are more than pleased to have had the opportunity to have you do our taxes and will look forward to doing them with you again next year.
We will be only to happy to recommend your services to anyone.


Over 5000 clients love Ezy Tax Online

You have done a great job. Thank you again.
Like I said I will certainly refer my family and friends to you now.


Over 5000 clients love Ezy Tax Online

You guys are the BEST.
Thankyou & speak to you in July.


Over 5000 clients love Ezy Tax Online

Firstly I’d love to say thank you very much as you are the very first online Tax agents to get back to me.
I know I will definitely be using you guys again as I’ve been struggling to get any ones attention to have this.
I appreciate you getting back to me and I am definitely happy with your service and will get it out there.


Over 5000 clients love Ezy Tax Online

I am very impressed with how easy and fast the whole process has been.
I have a very busy work and family schedule and found it so helpful to be able to do everything online,
there is no way I would have had the time to make an appointment to see an accountant without having to take much needed time off work.


Over 5000 clients love Ezy Tax Online

Thank you very much, I did not expect such a prompt response.
Feel reassured in knowing that since last year I have recommended Ezy Tax to all my friends and family because you guys have been so great to deal with. Thanks again.


Over 5000 clients love Ezy Tax Online

Thank you for clarifying my questions as this is my first time,
it gives me a better understanding of how it works.
Thank you again for the fast responses.
I look forward to using your services every year.


Over 5000 clients love Ezy Tax Online

You have done a great job. Thank you again.
Like I said I will certainly refer my family and friends to you now.


Over 5000 clients love Ezy Tax Online

Thank you very much for your efficient and professional service,
I will be using the service again next tax year.


Over 5000 clients love Ezy Tax Online

thanks so much for the info! I will be highly recommending you to everyone! 🙂 thanks again



Learn More


Learn More


If you are leaving or left Australia permanently before financial year end and you will have no longer receive Australian income (other than interest or dividend), you can lodge your 2018 tax return before July 2018.
If you have any bank interest or dividend, you need to advice you are leaving or left Australia to your financial institution.


  • You leave Australia
  • You will no longer be an Australian resident for tax purposes
  • You will no longer receive Australian income other than interest or dividends

What You Need

  • PAYG Payment Summary or Last Payslip


Income from July 2017 to June 2018


ATO standard processing time for early tax return lodgement is 4-6 weeks

Why Trust Ezy Tax Online to Lodge a Tax Return Online?

10 reasons to choose Ezy Tax Online

  • Affordable Flat Fees

    We charge a fixed fee of $58 to lodge a tax return online. This includes an unlimited number of payment summaries, deductions, dividends and share sales. Not just cheap but prepared by tax experts.

  • Maximum Tax Refund

    We are a registered tax agent and a public accountant. We consider every aspect of Australian taxation law to maximum your tax refund or minimise your tax payable from the information provided.

  • Clear Pricing & No Hidden Fees

    Our fee is fixed regardless of the number or an amount of your income and deduction items. Many tax agents charge extra fees for additional items and then eventually total fee has been high.

  • No Login Trap & Software Download

    You don’t need to set-up account and password. Everything is done by one submission. As software download is NOT necessary, every OS and Browser is supported.

  • Simple & Easy

    The process takes 10-15 minutes to complete – follow the easy instructions, submit and just wait for your refund. There really is no simpler way for online tax return in Australia.

  • Express Service & Refund

    We promise to work quickly. Our preparation time is up to 24 hours, and 91% of our clients have received their money back within 7-12 business days (subject to ATO).

  • No Upfront Fee by Pay on Refund

    You don’t have to pay at the submission by your choice. You can pay our fee from your refund. Credit card payment is also available.

  • Professional Services

    Your returns are prepared and reviewed by registered tax agents and qualified accountants. Unlike other services, NO one month trained seasonal staff prepare your tax returns.

  • Expert for Temporally Visa Holders

    We are also tax specialists for 457 visa and student visa holders. Many tax agents are not familiar with the situations and visas of foreign people living in Australia. We are also experts for non-Australian tax payers.

  • Late Tax Returns

    We clean up your outstanding tax returns. You are never too late to lodge overdue or late tax returns. It is recommended that you lodge outstanding tax returns asap to avoid ATO fines.

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