We process departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) claims based on the conditions below:

  • DASP tax and a processing fee of $50 to $100, depending on superannuation, will be deducted from DASP payments when they are refunded. DASP tax rates are 65% for applicants who last held an Australian Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visa, and 38% for applicants who last held Australian student or business visas. In other words, refunds for WHM applicants will amount to approximately 35% of their DASP balance, and for student or business visa applicants, approximately 62%
  • We recommend that applicants confirm their superannuation account balance prior to submitting a DASP claim; in some cases, superannuation payments that applicants are entitled to remain outstanding, due to issues with employers or scams
  • Like a bank account, superannuation is a financial product managed by an individual. No third party may be granted access to superannuation account balance information; it is restricted to the account holder alone. DASP applicants can check their balance by registering for online services with their superannuation provider, or lodging an enquiry with them
  • Regardless of whether or not it was obtained, DASP applicants must have lodged no prior application for an Australian permanent resident visa
  • DASP claims require either documentation issued by an applicant’s superannuation fund, or online registration with them
  • Applicants must know the passport number they used during their stay in Australia
  • An applicant’s surname must be unchanged after marriage or otherwise
  • The only available payment option for DASP refunds is the issuing of a cheque. Cheques may be exchanged and deposited over the counter at banks internationally. At the discretion of a superannuation fund, a DASP may be transferred to an Australian bank account
  • Applicants must no longer hold a valid Australian visa, including a tourist visa. This is a prerequisite for DASP applications; refunds cannot be processed until an applicant’s visa has either expired or been cancelled
  • Standard DASP claim processing times are approximately two to three months; they may be delayed, however, by the discretion of a superannuation fund
  • Time will be required for the assessment of DASP claims in cases where superannuation is being held by the ATO

We also provide assistance with the processing of registered name changes and visa cancellations.

Please note that a consultation fee applies for the processing of a DASP claim as an intermediary on behalf of an applicant, which is non-refundable once processing has begun.