Backpackers, 457 visa holders and international students are entitled to claim their superannuation back upon leaving the country permanently (due to visa expiration), yet so many struggle to organize their finances. Ezy Tax Online has a qualified JP certifiying your documents.

* Australian, Permanent visa holder and NZ residents cannot claim superannuation back (including dual citizenship).

What is a Superannuation Refund?

If you have been working in Australia at any point during your stay, your employer will have paid 9.5% of your gross income as a compulsory contribution to your superannuation fund. Backpackers and travelers are able to claim approximately 33-35% for working holiday holders or 60-62% for other visa holders of your balance, after deducting Australian tax and the superannuation fund’s fee. It is usually difficult to obtain copies certified by JP. Our qualified JP certifies your document copies to apply superannuation refund.

Eligibility for a Superannuation Refund

You are eligible to claim your superannuation back if

  • You were in Australia on working holiday visa, student visa or 457 visa.
  • You have left Australia.
  • Your visa has expired or been cancelled.

Check before a Superannuation Refund

  • Which superannuation you use.
  • Membership number
  • The balance of your superannuation

Find Out Your Superannuation Fund

If you don’t know where your super money is, contact your Australian employers to find out which super fund they paid it to on your behalf. If you use our tax return service, we check the record of our superannuation on ATO records.

How Much Can You Get??

Approximately 33-35% for working holiday visa holders and 60-62% for other temporally visa holders of your balance after deducting Australian tax and superannuation fund’s fee. It is recommended that you check the balance of superannuation. To check the balance, you could contact your superannuation fund.


1. Submit Online

Fill in your personal details and superannuation details. You will receive email from us.

  • 20% 20%

2. Documents Submission

You will receive email from us. If necessary, post your documents to us by following the instruction in email from us.

  • 40% 40%

3. Our Preparation

Fill in your personal details and superannuation details. You will receive email from us.

  • 60% 60%

4. Get Your Refund

Just wait for your super refund coming back. You usually receive your super refund by cheque or into your Australian bank account in 1-2 months.

  • 80% 80%